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Chiropractic care in Camarillo has been used by the majority of the population for common ailments such as acute and chronic back pain, acute and chronic neck pain, and headaches. What is not so commonly known by the majority of the population is the vast list of ailments that Chiropractic has had great success with.

Chiropractic Care in Camarillo

The non-spinal/musculoskeletal problems that Chiropractic gets consistent and remarkable results with are Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Migraines, TMJ syndromes, and simple medial knee pain.

Although Chiropractic treatment has been scientifically proven to be superior with the correction and resolution of back pain you have to find a specific type of Chiropractor who excels at “extremity treatment” for non-spinal musculoskeletal injuries.

There have been other ailments that seem to have nothing to do with the musculoskeletal and spinal system that patients have clinically seen amazing results with. The most common in ailments are ear infection relief in children, vertigo in adults, and even allergy/sinus relief.

Questions About Chiropractic Care

Once people are told that they may be able to help their children with ear infection relief through Chiropractic care many follow up questions get as. The most common is the How question? Ear infections often times are created through poor drainage of the eustachian tube in the ear.

This tube is critical to expelling allergens, toxins, and other foreign objects through the ear canal. Just like the plumbing in your home this tube can become clogged due to particles and inflammation which can encourage bacteria build-up leading to infection.

A manual adjustment to the tube performed by a Chiropractor will mobilize and clear the tube. The anatomy of the spinal relationship to the tube can also have a huge impact on clearing an infection. A misalignment of the top vertebrae of the spine known as the atlas can also create congestion of the tube which can only be removed by a Chiropractic adjustment.

When my patients ask me how often you should utilize a Chiropractic adjustment for optimal health results my answer is, it depends. I know nobody likes that answer but think about it if you have more stress in your life, physically demanding job and you don’t do spinal exercises that we teach then you will probably need your Chiropractor more than the person with less stress and good spinal exercise compliance.

It also depends on your goals. If your goal is to be at your optimum while only doing daily walks as your primary stressor then you won’t need your Chiropractor as often as the person doing Olympic weight lifting. That aside I see my patients on a wellness level anywhere from once a week to once every few months. It just depends on the person, their history, their lifestyle, and their goals.


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