"A good Chiropractor will give you just that 'nudge' needed, to realign into a comfortable life of balance. I'm so very blessed to have found and benefited from just this type of Chiropractor.. in Dr Aaron Bates.

Follow the subtle advice Dr Bates gives you, and you'll soon be living a life free of pain and full of happiness.

Thx for all your help Dr Bates!"

~ Tom F.

I love chiropractic care! I never knew how great it would be and never thought to go until I met Dr. Bates. When he checked me out, turns out I have the spine of a 40 year old...I'm 23! Before, I couldn't sleep and I could hardly walk every morning, sometimes I would even cry, the pain was unbearable. When I started coming to Dr. Bates all that pain went away and I finally feel my age. Thank you Dr. Bates, you rock

~ Brianni S.

"When you walk through the door you’re always welcomed with a smile and treated like family. Dr. Bates has helped me live a pain free and healthier life thanks to his adjustments and healthy holistic living advice. I have been going to Bates Chiropractic for over a year now and it’s made a world of difference in my shoulders and back and I always look forward to the days I get to go."

~ Dave C.

"I love Bates Family Chiropractic! All the staff are super friendly and the office always has such a welcoming feeling. Dr. Bates is the nicest docor i have ever had and he is always concerned mainly with your health. Hes also good with keeping you educated with health facts and educating people about chiropractic care. Before i started going to Dr. Bates i could harldy walk in the morning from back pain and i couldnt stand nor sit for without extreme back pain for more than 15 minutes and now i feel fantastic! Most awesome doctor ever!"

~ Brianni S.

"Dr Bates is awesome!! I hurt my neck and he helped me get back to work and get my neck back to normal. I love the set up of his office and Dr. Bates as an individual is super informative and totally laid back. I have been to a handful of Chiropractors and I believe in chiropractic but Dr. Bates was the first one where I felt comfortable and I will definitely continue to go."

~ Steve H.

"The Best Chiropractic I have met. My whole body felt so much better after the first visit, not just my spine. I love the energy that Dr. Bates's adjustments give me thoughout the whole day! I highly Recommend him, he always welcomes me and all his patients with a big smile 🙂 Thanks Dr. Bates!"

~ Santa F.

"Dr. Bates is warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable. He is exceptionally effective in making spinal adjustments easily and painlessly. I highly recommend him for anyone suffering from neck or back pain!"

~ Marjorie

"Dr. Bates is a friendly, kind-hearted & effective chiropractor who has helped me, my husband, & daughter improve our back and shoulder pain for the past 2 years. His office is in a great location and he's honest & affordable. It's a breath of fresh air to be adjusted by such a good person. :-)"

~ Lauren

"Dr. Bates is the best chiropractor I have ever been to! I was in a horrible car accident and I know the only reason that I am doing so much better is because of Dr. Bates. I have told all my friends and family about him because he can really help people! It is an amazing feeling to not have regular pain which most of us just become accustomed to, but Dr. Bates has helped me to appreciate that we don't have to live like that! He can help you!! Thank you Dr. Bates you are the best!!!"

~ Jamie W.

"Before going to Dr. Bates I couldn't do prolonged aerobic exercise without getting a painful knot in my shoulder that caused me to be unable to turn my head to the right. Since I've started getting adjustments 3 months agoI haven't had that problem. In fact, I walked 36 miles during the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer without one peep out of that pesky muscle."

~ Jaclyn

I found Dr. Bates just after moving to California and I'm so glad I did! He has been patient and thorough during his initial exam and follow-up assessments. The adjustments do wonders in getting me through the week AND he has a very child-friendly office. I'd be struggling without him.

~ Anita

Doctor Bates not only got me moving again after a severe car accident, but he also made me a believer in regular adjustments in order to counteract everyday life and stress. He is insightful and patient with every client that walks in the door, and it really does show how much he loves what he does.

~ Tracy

"After going to my appointments consistently for 3 months, Dr. Bates has shown me improvement with my whiplash injury on my XRay. I am very impressed with his approach towards care for his patients. His knowledge and care is preventing my injury from becoming permanent, eventually correcting it completely and bringing me back to maximum health. Thank you doctor!"

~ Hannah

"Since visiting Dr. Bates, we've experienced miracles. We look forward to every appointment because we know that each one means one step closer to feeling great!!"

~ Cameron & Stacy

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“I've been seeing Dr Bates about two and half months and seen great improvement. I really appreciate his honesty on my recovery expectations. The office is low key and Lisa is great."

- Candy

“Dr. Bates is a friendly, kind-hearted & effective chiropractor who has helped me, my husband, & daughter improve our back and shoulder pain for the past 2 years. His office is in a great location and he's honest & affordable. It's a breath of fresh air to be adjusted by such a good person. :-)”

- Lauren

“Feeling better and better everyday thanks to Dr. Bates!”

- Kim

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